New Feature: Notifications

Published by: MicahIverson, Founder of Open Makers

It's Friday, so that means it's time to push to production!

Today we are publishing out new notification system, to make it easier to see the various actions that are happening on your profile and products.

If you click on the new "Bell" icon in the top navigation system while logged in, it will take you to your notifications page (

Here are some of the actions that will create a notification...

  • Someone Likes one of your milestones.
  • Someone Follows You.
  • Someone Follows Your Product.
  • Someone Asks you a question in our AMA section.
  • If you follow someone and they post a milestone or article.
  • and more...

We are testing a real-time toast notification system when these actions take place, so if you are on the site and someone creates an action that relates to you, you will get a toast. We'll see if this becomes overwhelming or not.

As we were working on our notification system, our friends at Hey.Cafe launched one as well. Turns out their design was VERY similar to what we were already doing, so we didn't steal their design and they didn't steal ours, give them a follow:

This is the first iteration of notifications, we'll likely have a bunch of refinements to make over the coming weeks. We will also have an email notifications system for some actions that require a response, such as AMA questions. This will be a little while out still though.

Let us know your thoughts.


:: Open makers

🥳 First customers rolling in and early marketing efforts showing results

Published by: sobedominik, Founder of HelpKit

HelpKit has just received the second customer, this time someone signed up for the premium plan of $29/m. They have already added 69 articles to their knowledge base which is a really great sign ✨

Almost three weeks after the soft launch on Twitter, I am finally seeing some traction which feels great.

Working on some new marketing channels now to see how to speed up to conversion rate. I'd like to briefly share the two most prominent so far:

🌱 A little growth hack: Notion Simple Table

I am a huge Notion fan but there's this one thing that is still not available: A simple table.

Yes, there's no simple to add to your Notion page 😆

However, I found out a hack where you can use the math equation block and LaTeX notation to create beautifully-looking simple tables.

So I decided to follow Rob Wallings's advice and built a simple and free generator around it so that Notion users can easily generate their tables without messing around with the complex LaTeX notation.

Here are the results so far for

  • 👤4.4K unique visitors
  • 🧮 1.2K tables created so far
  • 🗣️650 unique visitors for Helpkit
  • ✨ 24 new trial sign ups for Helpkit
  • 😻 328+ upvotes and #5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt
  • 🥰 Lots of love on Reddit, FB, etc. (424+ likes/votes on Social Media)

Wall of Love

📹 Publishing help videos on Youtube

In addition to NotionSimpleTable, I am also spending efforts in creating compelling videos of HelpKit on Youtube since it is the second largest search engine in the world.

You can check them here: HelpKit Youtube Channel

YT Channel

That's it for now 😉

Open Makers Now Live on Product Hunt!

Published by: MicahIverson, Founder of Open Makers

Our team is excited to share with you what we have been working on the past few months for the Build-in-Public / Open Maker community. Open Makers is a community for you to "Share your Journey" as you build products in public.

Growing your product takes more than a single Product Hunt launch, it takes days, months and even years of consistently publishing content and product updates to become successful. Product Hunt is a great start, but it's impact typically only lasts for 2-3 days, after that it can be hard to maintain steady and consistent traffic.

The goal with Open Makers is to provide Makers with a centralized place to share ongoing progress updates or milestones with the community to help foster trust and maintain visibility for your products.

Check out some of the current features available for you to use on Open Makers...

Open Makers

  • Dedicated Profile Page
  • Social Media and Web Links
  • List of all your Products
  • List of Product Milestones
  • Publish Articles / Posts
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA)... any member can ask you questions.
  • "I Need..." ability to ask for specific help with something.
  • Link to your Newsletter
  • Link to your Podcast
  • Link to "Buy Me a Coffee"
  • And more...

Maker Products

  • Dedicated Product Pages
  • Social Media and Web Links
  • Publish Featured or Standard Product Milestones
  • Google Analytics and Stripe Metrics (more providers soon)
  • Add Additional Team Members
  • Link to your Affiliate Program
  • Link to your Newsletter
  • Link to your Podcast
  • Link to "Buy Me a Coffee"
  • Product Hunt Badge and Slideshow Embeds
  • And more...

Do you build in public? Leave a comment on how it has benefited you as a Maker.

Visit Product Hunt:

Thank you! :: Open Makers

Automatio Weekly Progress Update #16

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Automatio

Good day good people, how was your previous week? Here is last week progress update on my bootstrapped journey with

  • 🙌 Reached exciting milestone of 21 monthly subscribers. Combining that with 27 early adopters (annual subscriptions worth ~$40k), it brings Automatio to ~$5.5k MRR altogether.
  • 💰 Acquired 5 new customers, $99/m each. The goal, 21 of 63 monthly subscribers.
  • 💖 Got precious heart-touching feedback from a customer. After I failed to bill his credit card for ~5 days because of a bug in the system, he decided to leave Automatio, and try another solution. Take a look at his words, this touched me deeply:
  • 📝 I am accepted to write/publish in a big publication that has 87 DA (domain authority). Guess which one
  • 🎯 Domain authority is going up
  • 📈 1360 visits last week, caused by participating different communities. Google Analytics, put a lot of traffic in direct which is wrong
  • 🎥 Gave a crucial, almost final feedback for the upcoming video explainer for Automatio. Can't wait to be rendered and see the final results.
  • 🤖 Tried to win MekaVerse NFT, but no luck. That would be my first NFT, after CryptoKitties from 2017.

Open Maker Articles Now Live

Published by: MicahIverson, Founder of Open Makers

We are pleased to announce the launch of "Articles / Posts / Stories" whatever you want to call them for Open Makers. Articles are a way for you to share content to your maker profile that you create but is not necessarily related to a specific product.

Articles can be used to share content about a service, product, tutorial, announcements, etc. Treat is as a "mini-blog" that compliments the milestones you create for your products.

An article consists of...

  • A Title
  • Cover Image
  • Content
  • "Attached" Images
  • Tags
  • Canonical URL

Most of those items are self-explanatory but wanted to highlight a few things...

Attached Images If you have ever posted content to, you will be familiar with the "Attach" image feature. This allows you to select an image from your computer, after it has been uploaded to our servers we provide you with the relevant Markdown (yes, articles support Markdown) to copy and paste within the body of your article. This allows you to easily embed 1-to-many images within your article to share screenshots, photos, images, etc. without having to host your files offsite. (We may bring this to Milestones as well)

Attached images that end up not being used in the article are automatically deleted after a certain number of days, this way we do not end up with millions of files that are not actually being used on the site and makes it so that we don't have to build a UI to deal with them either. Hopefully this will work :)

Canonical URL Many of you have content that you have created on other sites like your own blog, or on Medium, or on Indie Hackers, etc. We want to make sure you can reference the original post without the concern of ending up with "duplicate content" issues.

If you click on the "Article Settings" button we will display the option to add tags, but also the original "canonical URL", if there is a value in that setting we will use that as the article canonical URL value rather than our default structure.

Now you can cross post your content with fear of getting dinged for duplicate content.

We can't wait to see what kind of content you publish on the site, as time progresses we'll add search, categories, etc. to make it easier to discover articles as well. In MVP fasion, there is not a lot of point for that now since there is very few articles posted!

That is all for articles for now, we have a couple additional features in the works that are also excited about, so stay tuned for those as well!

:: Open Makers

OpenSea and Rarible Now Default Flare Types

Published by: MicahIverson, Founder of Sunshine Social

There is a rapidly growing community around the #NFT space and so we have decided to add in a default flare type for both OpenSea and Rarible marketplaces on Sunshine Social.

Using the OpenSea or Rarible Flare types allows you to enter any URL into the Flare settings, you can link directly to an NFT piece or to your profile. As always, you can add multiple Flares to your page with the same Flare type to link to multiple products.

If you have a PRO Sunshine Social account, you can create a separate collection to group all related links together, plus highlight your work with larger image tiles.

Get started:

Open Metrics Now Live!

Published by: MicahIverson, Founder of Open Makers

Today we are excited to announce our first step in fulfilling our name "Open Makers"

We have been focused on the "Build in Public" side of things for launch but now we are focusing on bringing in the data as well to showcase your progress in an analytical way.


  1. Log in to your account and go to your product page, you now have a new tab called "Metrics"
  2. Click on that tab and click the "Add New Metric" button to connect to a metric provider (Stripe only for now)
  3. Once you authenticate Stripe, you can turn on or off 4 different types of metric data to show
  4. You can always disconnect completely if you wish.
  5. And that's it, now when someone visits your product page, they can see your metrics.

From a performance standpoint we have decided to only pull in data from the previous 12 months and then every day going forward. We understand this means this will not be a fully accurate representation of your actual data, but it's where we are starting for now. Keep in mind, some companies potentially have millions of users, so to deal with that we are simply limiting it for now at least.

The goal here isn't to be 100% accurate, ultimately it's to show the general trends of data within your product. Don't focus on the specifics, look at the broader direction of the product metrics.

Metric Providers Like we said, we are starting with Stripe to test the waters and make sure we are calculating things properly and to build out our foundation of code to easily add in future providers.

We are actively working on Google Analytics for our next metric provider, so expect to see that fairly soon.

We need your help though... We are highly interested in know what 3rd party providers you want us to consider supporting. There are a million different services out there and we want to cover the most popular / requested ones as much as possible.

Please visit this Twitter thread and provide your suggestions and vote on existing replies so we can determine what to add to our list, keep in mind the service needs to have an API we can connect to and needs to support lots of requests to it as we continue to grow.

If someone is already working and solving this type of solution and interested in partnering with us, we may consider that as well, please send us a DM to discuss.

Wrapping Up Yes, it's VERY basic at the moment, adding in metric providers will be slow and tedious but we are committed to adding in as many as possible, just give us time.

Hopefully it's not too buggy, testing this stuff on a large scale is a bit tough.

That is about it for now, thank you for joining us and we look forward to growing with you!

Thank you, Micah


Published by: giangzadev, Founder of TheDocs

Product launch!

Build amazing web docs in a shared workspace. From a product or API documentation to a knowledge base or even a blog, TheDocs makes it easy to write, edit and share documents in a custom subdomain.