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Version 2.0

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

We have come so far since the first version and it looked nothing like it does now. Since we launched the site last year we slowly changed just about every aspect of the site and app, and now this week we launch a major batch of updates.

Here is a small summery of the updates and there are way more that are not noted here including a larger design rewrite and upgrade to just about how everything on the backend works. We have managed over the last few weeks to cut network time in half for most requests.

Some of the updates

  • Message system, you can now send messages to users and more important make large group chats with no user limit.

  • Setting to hide suggestions in the menus.

  • Dark and light mode toggle in settings along with more privacy toggles.

  • Brand new default avatars and banner images for accounts and cafés.

  • Swipe to go backwards gesture for mobile.

  • See suggested cafés on the right hand menu.

  • View follows in notifications breakdown along with comment and conversation edits.

  • Email updates support for the new headers and formatting options.

  • Left menu links highlighted if you are on that page.

  • Website meta data loading now will try again after a few seconds if it fails.

  • Tab over between conversation elements including actions Accessibility.

  • Conversation inputs allow you to change the café posted to any time Feature.

  • Smaller screen improvements for mobile. Smaller width for content inline in dark mode.

  • Follow buttons without needing to go to a profile to follow for explore & more.

  • Share button for external use to use the title system or first line as content.

  • New suggested accounts and cafés based on the people you currently follow.

  • Show recent pin on the top of a users profile feed.

  • Locked posts preventing new comments and reactions.

  • If you edit a conversation it wipes ALL reactions from it and lets the people who made reactions know it was edited.

Thank you to everyone who has helped test and work on this update you are all amazing.

Due to the huge relaunch we are also up on Product Hunt again.

Optimizations that caches!

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of

I might not have been very active on the socials - namely Twitter these past weeks. Due to some personal reasons, I have not been able to work on any side-projects. Sadly, and I'm so, so sorry! 😢

Today has been very different though! I've been typing away, and quite fast - if I should say so myself 🥹

Thus, prepare yourselves for the new and massively improved! 😍


We all love those fast and snappy site, right? Well, the secret sauce is sometimes caching, something I've not implemented on - until now! Whoop! 🚤 So, please, enjoy the power of caching!

Of cause it won't be cached for ever, just a few moments, so if you might click the Run by accident right after another run, this won't hurt anybody now.

What happens if you change the code, then? Well, it's a completely new payload, meaning the tasks will be run anew! Also, the percentages will update according to these new op/s.

Quite a few new improvements, I don't even know where to start 🤷


Use the proper fetching mechanism for the front-end - this has been a tech-debt for quite awhile. I'm using SvelteKit, just FYI. Simply haven't been able to love any other front-end SSR framework as much!

Along with this, I've messed a bit with the request and responses, these are now far smaller than before! This should - maybe - equal to some faster answers to whatever you might seek!

The API got the largest overhaul, this also means the deployment process. The docker-image is now exactly half the size of what it used to be! - Did somebody say faster releases? Heck ya!

All in all, clarified the code for future me to work in - I'll love past self in the future 🤗


What about being able to see those variable texts of one of the notebooks, those are much better handled now. You're welcome! 🤩

Hopefully fixed issues with the API, that unfortunately seems to disconnect from the data-store at randomized weird moments 🫣

Also, a big mystery still is the recovering from a complete panic, these are still on a testing basis, but might the right ones now.

On other - related - news: I have decided to try out with the new (a tad old) kid in the yard! Mastodon, here I am...


Connections: Feedback 🤜🏻🤛🏻 Task Management

Published by: sametozkale, Founder of Producter

Hello everyone 👋🏻 There's something special going on today! The first spark of Producter's most value-added feature is live!

It is the hard work of an incredible team that makes this possible 💪🏻

Find out about Connections 👀

Connections: Feedback 🤜🏻🤛🏻 Task Management

A year ago, we started Producter with the Feedback Management module. As customer-centric product management has become increasingly challenging for us.

💡 It started by providing four different channels to consolidate the most helpful customer feedback for our users.

⚙️ Then, we built the Task Management Module. And the magic behind Producter has yet to be revealed!

🪄 Meet Connections! Now you can connect impactful customer feedback with a task.

Producter helps you find the right customer #feedback and prioritize it in your #development process.

The next steps are even more exciting!

You will be able to connect all items on Producter to make hard decisions easy.

Read our weekly #product update to learn more 👇🏻

HelpKit is turning year old and is live on Product Hunt 🚀

Published by: sobedominik, Founder of HelpKit

Hey fellow makers!

HelpKit is turning one year today 🎂 and to celebrate I have finally launched it on Product Hunt! 😻

Getting your support would mean a lot to me! 💜 Product Hunt is a great opportunity to spread the word of using Notion + HelpKit to build professional knowledge bases with a great tech audience.

👉 Link to PH here:

If you are curious I am tweeting live throughout the entire launch day including stats updates, probably a lot of ups and downs, some frustrations and maybe wins? 😊

Open For Beta Registration

Published by: _andypeacock, Founder of Sponsors HQ

After 2 weeks build (it's based on a SAAS framework I've developed over the last couple of months) Sponsors HQ is live.

It's a shotgun project - I've seen a few people talk about how it they want to improve the way they promote and manage sponsorship slots in their newsletters (or podcasts, I guess), so I thought I'd create this as a way to get myself into the build and release habit. Mainly the release bit, to be honest.

The project is in open beta at the moment, with free registration, so that I can get some feedback from users on what they like or don't like about it. So if you run a newsletter and want an all-in-one, web-based solution to manage your sponsorship ads, please register and take a look.

I look forward to your feedback.

Branching and Reviews

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of gitbird

How about it. Some people don't want all of their commits to become tweets for every branch but some do! And that's quite alright!

Two new features on gitbird, some of you might ahve noticed my newest tweet and yes, it's for real!

  1. I for one, are using sub-modules in my git repository and have only installed the gitbird web-hook to one the main repository. Thus whenever I commit to it, it can become a tweet immediately! But some users weren't super happy with this, thus I've added a new feature to select which branch gitbird will collect commits from to turn into tweets 🐦

  2. I - some times - commit a lot. And I mean quite a lot. So I don't want to turn every commit into a tweet, but other a users has suggested that they don't want to login to the dashboard to check out the tweets. They are confident on what they commit - and in conjunction with the branch-feature, they can now be completely certain! Yes, you might have guessed it, I added a toggle to turn on or off the review mode! 🦜 Let that parrot, parrot 😍

I hope the world (🌐) is gonna love it.

Best regards, Mads 🐦

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of gitbird

gitbird 🐦

A story

After three years without being online, I've decided to re-launch gitbird 🐦

With a tagline of:

Tweeting has been rather tedious for developers, some even forget. With gitbird you never have to tweet, ever, again! We'll provide a missing link 🐦

One might assume that gitbird will tweet all and everything that a user has committed, but this is not exactly true! With gitbird, you decide what, when and how to tweet the essential commits for your product!

The death and resurrection

The reason why I took it off-line those years back, is the code wasn't completely up-to date with today's standard. So I decided to kill it. Now, though, I've been in all secrecy been developing on it. I now think it is time to finally release the bird and let people see it spread its wings again! 🥳


All I have to say now, is that I totally think you should go give it a try! It's totally ready and waiting just for you!

For the fun of it, I've decided to twet out the first tweet of my own from @gitbird (here). Why don't you be the second?

Having to do the impossible

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

At the start of the 2nd year (1st Aug 2021), we set a target of achieving 10x growth on the supply side of - free talent for tech startups.

In the first 12 months, we achieved our target of signing up 1,000 Volunteers with 24 hours to go. To 10x in the next 12 months, we had to continually up our game.

Now that we have reached the last week of the second year, we have a mammoth task of adding 2,000 new Volunteers to SkilledUp Life.

From where we are standing and based on our past performance, this seems like an impossible task to achieve. But we are going to give our best shot.

What we achieved this past week, which so far has been the best week, we need to achieve the same result almost every day if we are to reach this target.

To give us a chance of achieving, all our team members are being called to help.

When was the last time you chased a result like this? What tactics did you deploy? What was the result? Love to hear.

Do wish us all the best, please. Thank you.

HelpKit reached $3000 MRR and going full-time indiehacking

Published by: sobedominik, Founder of HelpKit

Today marks the third big milestone for me as an Indiehacker. Helpkit, my 100% bootstrapped SaaS, reached $3000 in MRR! That is over 130 paying customers.

From small ambitious content creators to publicly traded companies are all now using HelpKit and Notion to serve their knowledge bases.

This is huge because it basically allows me to go full-time on indiehacking while still being in school (I need to finish my thesis asap). My goal for this summer was to reach $1K for ramen profitability and now reaching 3x is genuinely incredible and I am incredibly grateful for the experience so far.