Answered by _ilango...

It took me three weekends to build Aurelius. I had originally planned to finish in one weekend but it sort of got away from me. I overestimated how fast I could finish the features I had planned.

The features I had written down is a much longer list so I had to drastically cut down to what was I thought to be the essentials. Looking back, I probably could have launched with fewer features and met the deadline. Lesson learned.

Regarding the tech stack, I went with what I knew and was familiar with. Any other way, I'd have to spend time to learn some of the ins and outs.



Answered by romainsimon...

I focused more on stocks, but the main feature I implemented is the portfolio benchmark.

Every time you buy or sell a stock, it simulates the same investment but in an index such as the S&P 500. This way, you can know if you perform better than the market, and this is not a very easy thing to do in Excel.

I guess it could do the same for cryptos by comparing your portfolio to the performance of BTC for example.



Answered by hieuSSR...

Thanks for the great question, Micah!

I guess it'll happen. Though there'll be something new come up. Like they added more TLDs, or new types of domain names (i.e blockchain-based domain names)