Breaking records

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

We are fast approaching the end of our second year and we have a mountain to climb to hit our two targets, these being:

  • 11,000 total volunteers
  • 100 paying tech startup customers.

Today, the numbers are:

  • 5,882 volunteers
  • 14 customers

Previously the best month was January 2022. Then we had poor performance over the next 3 months. We know the reasons and are trying to make sure it won't happen again.

After a long decline, we are thrilled with this week's performance, as we have so far achieved, in terms of Volunteer Sign Ups

  • Best week (4 short to 300)
  • Best day (90)
  • Best Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

We also signed the 14th customer this week. Do check us out - free talent for tech startups


New Home Pro : Moore Lumber and Hardware

Published by: MicahIverson, Founder of Home Pro Partners

Since Bill and Terry Moore opened their planing and molding operation in 1947, many expansions have taken place. After three and a half decades in operation, Bill, Sr. and Terry sold the family business to their son, Bill, Jr., in 1981. Nineteen years later, in 2000, Moore Lumber & Hardware proudly joined Ace Hardware. Bill welcomed his son and business partner, Erin, to the company with the addition of the Pine Junction, Colorado store in 2013.

The company now operates six Ace Hardware stores with locations in Aspen Park, Bennett, Bailey, Pine Junction, Castle Rock, and Evergreen (operating as Evergreen Ace Hardware & Paint). Today, the Pine Junction and Bennett stores hold the highest ranking in the Ace family as Pinnacle stores. With lumber yards located throughout the Front Range, we are able to provide quality lumber and building materials to professionals and homeowners throughout Colorado.

Learn More:

Another batch of updates, we are now even faster!

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

Oh boy this is a big update!

  • 🧹 Removed background tinting from profile for performance.

  • πŸ“· New style for upload box for images and attachments.

  • πŸ› Fixes to to the new live input with the image upload box.

  • πŸ› Fixed bug where going back to a page will result in profile image and header not rendering on the sidebar.

  • πŸ€– Android devices no longer have access to mention suggestions and emoji lookup due to performance problems.

  • πŸ“§ Updated the register page with more info about the email process.

  • πŸ™‹πŸ½ Changed profile view and design.

  • πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Added space for website and pronouns and option to set in settings.

  • πŸ› Fixed sending a blank bio, if you send it empty it will reset, same with pronouns and website inputs.

  • 🚦 Major rewrites on how the app loads, now using tokens to know if the app has been updated and refresh for users.

  • πŸ“± Better optimized on mobile making some titles smaller, and better spacing.

  • πŸ’¬ Mobile comments now have a minimum size of 300px and will make the comment area scroll sideways if threads get large.

  • πŸ”— Links no longer show in the description of a link embed.

  • 🐞 If you post multiple links that are the same they wont generate to prevent bugs with generating due to link being in the html stricture of the embeds.

  • ⚠️ New mini alerts for notifications about actions, moving them away from the notifications system and making it cleaner.

  • πŸ”₯ New notification style with support for emoji icons.

  • πŸŽ‰ New checks for version update with single tap to reload the app both in PWA and web. This uses the new separated system for the app package and HTML source.

  • πŸ‘‹ New splash page that says a little more about Hey.CafΓ©.

Where we are at now

Published by: tvangssalgbolig, Founder of Tvangssalg

After starting work on this website back in 2021, me and my team have managed to get up a pretty decent-looking site. The content creators have produced a lot of useful information; our product team has landed a successful cooperation with the financial company Zen Finans; and I have managed to put up a nice and simple website that is easy for the users to navigate.

Going forward, I plan to add functions like a chatbot, pop-up boxes, and a carousel showing how our customers managed to successfully stop the forced sale of their homes with our help.

Just a few updates

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

Alright we bring a new HUGE update! This has been a month of work that is mostly for developers that will be able to take advantage of really soon as we write all the docs.

  • 🌈 New colour scheme site wide and for emails, we are now purple, if using the PWA remove and add again for the new colour icon.

  • 🎨 You can now select the app colour in settings.

  • πŸ”‘ Can see sessions in settings and revoke sessions you don't want active anymore.

  • πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» Can generate API keys in settings.

  • πŸ’¬ You can now show some stats like reaction counts by turning the option on in settings.

  • πŸ” Search is now global on the top of all pages, not locked in the explore area.

  • πŸ™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Have removed the who to follow section for now.

  • πŸ› Massive number of render fixes around content to fix a few rare bugs.

  • πŸ™€ Sessions system has been rewritten to allow applications with an API key full access to the same calls the official app uses.

  • πŸ‘‹ Added a new system for developers to request LOGIN WITH so that they can integrate with Hey.CafΓ© for account access. This is like Login with Twitter and so on but really simple to integrate for any site (docs will be posted really soon).

Sorting Algorithms

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of

After a lot of thinking, I've implemented a few sorting algorithms comparing them against eachother! 😍

These can be found at or by navigating to the direct link and so on for the different algorithms! Nerdy, I know! πŸ€“

So far I've added:

  • Bubble Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Heap Sort

Happy benchmarking!

Platform Partner

Published by: GeorgeGasby, Founder of LaunchPAD Africa

In our bid to serve the African startups ecosystem, we keep stretching and extending for more ways on making it easier for startups to work smarter, grow revenues and scale effortlessly.

We’re proud to announce a new partnership aimed at making it even easier for you to take your ideas from dreams to reality by providing you with the necessary tools to build and grow.

Our partnership with DCard enables all startups raising on our platforms, our platform partners including co-working spaces to access free credits of premium features of DCard services.

DCard easily helps grow your professional relationships with a contactless experience. No physical contact is required to send or receive a virtual business card.