Title Pages Live

Published by: ronkn85, Founder of Box Office Buz

After going back and forth for a long time on the design of the television and film title pages, I finally landed on something that I think will work well and will be easy to iterate from.

There is still a lot of work to do, and the page needs to be tweaked, but this is the MVP.

Getting Close to 30 Designed Journals

Published by: SelinaMiyasia, Founder of My Journal

I've created a soft goal of designing and putting out 30 journals by the end of 2022. So far, I'm up to 28 journals, which is amazing! I love the designs I've come up with, and some of the journals have found some great homes where they'll be used for their purpose. I'm excited about expanding the number of available designs for future clients, inspiring them to write.

Start project! 10 hours in

Published by: dgrcode, Founder of Visualbolt

So far I've worked 10 hours on it. Mainly setting up different stuff and connecting things together.

My goal is to have an MVP ready before the end of July. Any alpha testers interested in trying the MVP out when it's ready?

Weekly Progress Update from SkilledUp Life

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

https://skilledup.life - free talent for tech startups

  • Volunteers: 6,861 (behind by 239 - need 775 this week to stay on target to get to 11,000 by end of Jul)
  • Customers: 22 (behind by 3 - need 10 this week to get to 100 by end of Jul)
  • MRR: £633 (target £10k MRR by end of Oct)
  • Team size: 24 + new teammates to be added.
  • Accelerator Partners: No new partners added.

The highlight of the week, Micah and Open Works joined as a Tech Startup Founder Customer. Thank you Micah.


The Long Road To The Magical £10k MRR By End Of Oct 2022

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

We have two targets to hit on our way to £10k MRR by 31st Oct 2022. The first is to get to 100 paying customers by end of July 2022.

https://skilledup.life – giving a leg up to Indiehackers and bootstrapped tech startups with free talent to build and grow their tech startups.

Just signed up the 18th Tech Startup customer, the first from South Africa. Every day counts. We need 2 more by end of tomorrow (Sun the 12th June).

MRR up to £513

The pressure is building up. Place your bets now! Can we make it?