Moonly weekly progress update #34

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #34

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? We are still in the testing phase, doing some minor adjustments and removing some bugs! Be patient friends, good days are coming!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Merge and deploy frontend updates

  • Tested and fixed the issue of displaying the previous verification rule

  • Fixed the logic for the holder notification message

  • Fix the issue of merging accounts during account linking

  • Debugged and fixed issues on wallet-checker

  • Changed DB structure and modified logic to fix the Discord role issue

  • Investigated the total holding value issue and fixed it

  • Inserting and connecting NFTs, and tokens with the Discord server

  • Fixed all PR-related issues

  • Finishing discord bot page

  • Fixed search bar issue

  • Fixed overlay issue for secondary description

  • Fixed search on trait type dropdown

  • Explored the token metadata update

  • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority

  • Work in progress about tracking previously assigned roles

Staking (Locking):

  • Created a model for the Attributes

  • Re-Adjusted resolver for the Attributes model

  • Refactored Staking Creations and added a new way of selecting a trait

  • Created DB migration

  • Implemented “Trait Remove” from the UI

  • Update smart contract for supporting two values

  • Implemented resolver and related logic for getting reward trait for staking the NFT

  • Implemented trait reward in the smart-contract

  • Created “Seed script” and seeded testing data with attributes

  • Explored the token metadata update

  • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Improved retrying logic of wallet-checker, tested and deployed

  • Sync Moonly DB to the Big DB

  • Disassemble the old RAID on the RPC server and created the new one

  • Small fix for re-queueing failed tasks in wallet-checker

  • Merge and deploy the latest changes

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Finally reached 20,000 free talent (volunteer) mini milestone at

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

We have finally achieved a mini milestone of having 20,000 strong free talent pool at Next mini target is 25,000 on our way to the first 100,000

To achieve 10x every year, we are having to apply everything the team knows into practice.

As a result, we are building country teams. Interesting phase we are going through.

Moonly weekly progress update #33

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #33

A very busy and productive week and a lot of UI/UX and SEO changes. We tried to focus on changing things on our app that will speed it up significantly. The user interface on some pages changed on Moonly for SEO optimization, on every page is added a sidebar with the latest blog posts on Moonly, a description of a project that you can see on mouse hover, monitoring Solana network tps added in the header, the admin dashboard is much improved in order to make the work of our virtual assistants easier and much more!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Added missing columns to the transaction table

  • Resolved the “total NFTs and holding” issue

  • Fixed migration (Live DB issue)

  • Researched DB error issues

  • Fixed an issue on holder verification and deployed

  • Fixed transaction table CSS

  • Finished description section for “Upcoming pages”

  • Updated Moonly Ghost blog engine

  • Fixed an issue with the DB backup utility

  • Investigated token-tracker service

Staking (Locking):

  • Rewritten “reward calculation logic”

  • Update UI on Staking creation

  • Update reward value interval

  • Worked on js function for calculating claimable reward

  • Fixed failed to fetch tokens from the backend

  • Investigated “mint & freeze” authority (updated description and added functionality)

  • Added a switch button on Stake & Reward page

  • Added fallback UI in the staking/admin page when the user is not logged in

  • Tested attribute creation by importing the latest DB

  • Created seed script and modal to generate attributes

  • Created a resolver and query for getting attributes

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Cleaned up PT code

  • Worked on PT / Sync collections and tokens

  • Worked on PT / Dynamic updates

  • Worked on PT / Expanded on-demand scraping

  • Implemented dynamic update for PT stats and transactions

  • Optimized PT page with server-side rendering

  • Showed tokens in possession for any wallet

  • Implemented caching for portfolio stats

  • Refactored front-end code for portfolio stats

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Updated upcoming project pages:

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Promotee v2.0 with full rebranding

Published by: bahauddinAz, Founder of Promotee

I suck at marketing and branding. We always had a powerful product but branding was never our strong suite. I always wanted to make promotee look like a legit brand and a trusted brand. With this rebranding and redesigning, it feels finally people would be able to rely and trust Promotee as a brand.

Moonly weekly progress update #32

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

As you all know we are currently in the testing phase. Buckle up and be patient just a little longer, because soon enough you will have the chance to test it yourself!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Added loading parameters to next/dynamic imports

  • Fixed hovering issue on NFT cards

  • Modified cron job to check rules

  • Modified DB schema for holder verification on Bot DB

  • Handled newly added verification rule

  • Fixed NFT page viewpoint bug and implemented new functionality and logic

  • Finished upcoming page changes (descriptions)

  • Improved wallet checker

  • Started working on metadata scraping during token creation

  • Excluded markdown in NFT description and fixed the fonts

  • Fixed ‘Internal server issue’ on holder-verification

  • Made DB schema changes and implemented holder notification feature

Staking (Locking):

  • Solved asset image not loading issue

  • Fetch the data of the token from the collection and show it on the NFT card

  • Fixed Staking related issue

  • Improved data fetching on the staking page

  • Created “Claim Reward” function and UI

  • Show claimable reward in NFT-Card

  • Rewrite staking-apps state management with recoil

  • Improved “Error Showing” to the user

  • Added Extra Claim Reward Button (Now the user will be able to claim the reward while staking and also when withdrawing (automatically))

  • Added functionality for handling server-side error

  • Testing Staking and Token Creation

  • Implemented “Collecting Metadata” for the new token and tested

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Improved performance of TX logs upload

  • Made backup of transaction table from BigDB

  • Updated structure, compressed the whole table

  • Made a new type of backup for the BigDB

  • Stashed backups on the main disk

  • Fixed issues with PT stats

  • Database structure cleanup on PT

  • Running utility to link transactions

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No code made it faster to build products

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

No code made it faster to build products. SkilledUp Life ( makes it faster to build startup teams for those who do not have the cash to hire talent.

We know the first is already revolutionary. But I believe what we are doing at SkilledUp Life will also be a game changer.

However, No code + SkilledUp Lifers are not enough to achieve success.

What is missing is acquiring the know-how, especially if you are a first-time founder. Of course, you can read as much as you want, but what matters is access to a group of trusted fellow founders who have gone through the same challenges and got battle scars to prove it. And this is what the new Techcelerate 2023 ( provides.

In 2023, both SkilledUp Life and Techcelerate will work closely to increase the success rate of tech founders.

Building Tech Startups with Free Talent - join us Fri 12 pm GMT on LInkedin

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life is about giving a leg up to tech founders who are struggling to survive and grow their tech startups due to a lack of sufficient capital to hire.

Instead of chasing investors, subscribe to SkilledUp Life for £30/month, and start building product, marketing, sales, support and HR teams with our free talent. We now have nearly 19,000 SkilledUp Lifers from 103 countries.

You are better off validating the concept, building the initial product and gaining traction using SkilledUp Lifers before you start diluting founder equity.

Join us every Friday to learn more.

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Important milestone: first MRR!

Published by: kai_developer, Founder of MrScraper

I'm thrilled to announce that MrScraper has the first paying customer! 🚀

I started this adventure back in October as a challenge, inspired by other makers on Twitter. As I explained, I'm a random guy with no audience nor prior projects.

I've just tried to do what I've learned from other makers on Twitter.

Landing that first customer is a huge milestone for any startup, and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm now looking forward to continuing the growth, and building a great and easy tool for web-scraping.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far. Excited for what's to come! 🚀

If you're interested in trying MrScraper out, I'm currently offering a grand-fathered 40% discount. Use the code BETA40OFF at the checkout page