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Moonly weekly progress update #48 - Optimizing our Discord Bot

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #48 — Optimizing our Discord Bot

Additional features for our Discord Moonly Bot. Today we tested the first version of the multiple collection role feature. E.g, if you are holding Critters Cult NFT, you will get role-@Critters Cult role. Still testing this feature out, so it’s not fully working yet.

Another tiny feature of Moonly Discord Bot is Announcement Catcher. This feature will automatically pick announcements from the selected channel and display them on the Moonly website for a specific collection. It will also be displayed on the homepage so that we can provide more exposure to other projects. Remember, the Moonly website has 25k — 30k visitors every month.

Flexible, customizable Raffle system for our collection and other projects that can utilize our Staking as a Service but don’t wanna mess with Tokenomics. I talked with dozens of founders; many don’t have staking because they think it’s all about tokens.

Yes, the token is, in most cases, the best way to reward the holders. But staking can be used even if you don’t have your token. E.g., using some other “stable SPL” as a temporary reward or having no token reward but organizing weekly raffles/giveaways. And here is our Raffle app will play. Since it’s gonna be adjustable, projects will be able to do raffles based on who staked their NFT.

Sniping Bot (still, but most of the work is done. Just slowed down, for various reasons. You will know.), Portfolio Tracker (partly released, but still to improve some stuff for better UX and stats). Twitter Spaces / Twitter Giveaway bot.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Fixed a minor issue in the remote logger that did not allow to dump of objects

  • Token tracker’s collection_id reassignment is in progress

  • Finished merging cross-site auth and fixed all merge conflicts

  • Updated post method and DB schema for discord announcements

  • Finished assigning collection_ids to transactions in Big DB

  • Finalizing Live Feed switch to the Big DB

  • Rewrote a significant part of the mints scraper package again and tested

  • Deployed BigDB-live-feed to testing

  • UI and business logic changes for the sniper bot

  • Checked image quality difference between production and staging

  • Separated main app and token tracker build commands for cleaner and faster builds

  • Added npm scripts to improve the developer experience

  • Attempting to fix occasional 404 errors

  • Added Twitter login resolver for logging in with Twitter

  • Refactored code & removed code duplication in login Twitter & loginDiscord

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Optimized the trait endpoint at Moonly bot API

  • Testing the HVB and fixing bugs

  • Written a post method functionality on the Moonly bot frontend

  • Fixed some relevant issues & deployed the multi-collection feature at the Moonly test bot

  • Researched an automated re-link process after reaching the limit of tiring renew refresh token

  • Deployed the multi-collection HVB changes on production

Raffle Feature

  • Adjusting code for supporting all prize types for a single winner

  • Adjusting code for supporting deposit/managing prizes from the vault

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Moonly weekly progress update #47 - Testing Raffle Feature

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #47 — Testing Raffle Feature

Little by little, we are improving our UI and UX. We released some stuff pretty fast and needed to properly plan where to fit them. Don’t worry, we are aware of that.

We have a lot more work to do. Portfolio tracker, Sniper, other Discord tools/bots, Royalty Detection tool, Raffles, etc are the features being developed as we speak and after they are done we are locking a lot of them on Monthly only for the holders to use!

We already started basic tests for Raffle account validation and have been testing it for a while! We are working simultaneously on every new feature and it’s only a matter of time before everything comes out in the production!

Weekly devs progress: 🎉

  • Pushed a quick fix for blog posts

  • Fixed technical debt on the Big database

  • Collection ID will be added to all new transactions automatically

  • Implement assigning of collection_id to Transactions in BigDB

  • Did manual collection updates

  • Connect sniper-bot with live-feed

  • Price with currency fixed to 2 decimal

  • Optimized the search fetching by adding debounce technique

  • Decreased concurrency on the RPC server (portfolio tracker)

  • Token tracker’s collection_id reassignment is in progress

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Deployed the multi-collection feature of HVB

  • Fixed the user permission issue for non-admin login

  • Figured out why Discord ID changes automatically

  • Deployed the non-admin login at the bot test server for testing

  • Deploy multi-collection HVB to production

  • Working on the Frontend to restructure the multi-collection

  • Fixed cache rendering issue on the change discord server

  • Adding a feature on optimal render for traits & values on-demand

Raffle Feature

  • Fixed raffle test issue

  • Fixed Raffle Account Creation Issue

  • Basic tests for raffle account validation

  • Prize add/update/remove work in progress

  • Added Endpoint To Add New Raffle Prize with Test Coverage

  • Added Endpoint to remove raffle prize with test

Staking (Locking):

  • Setup staking environment on Windows to investigate phantom mobile-related issues

  • Fixed multi-select buttons' responsive issue on the small screen

  • Brainstorming on Raffle System

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Moonly weekly progress update #46 - New design for a login page

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #46 — New design for a login page

Hello Guys! How are you all? Some devs were on a small vacation (deserved vacation) this week, but we manage to finish some important stuff.

Finished a new design for a login page. Users can log in via Wallet or via Discord but now we will also integrate logging via Twitter(coming soon).

Once you are logged in you can link your Wallet and your Discord and that way you can upgrade your profile to the next level and you will be able to use some of the new tools and new features that will be locked for the visitors!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Checked and fixed the dropdown not showing in some page source

  • Finished login page

  • Migrated new changes on the sniper bot to the Moonly codebase

  • Finalise changes to Big DB structure

  • Run reprocessing of transactions

  • Start transaction ID scan over

  • Modernise scrapers-mints package to discover mints from the blockchain

  • Started working on the multi-collection functionality

  • Implemented a workable multi-collection feature except for the submission

  • Rewrote the submission form algorithm

  • Deployed the multi-collection HVB at the bot test server

  • The research was done on Solana runtime limitations

  • Fixed RPC server out of disk space

Staking (Locking):

  • Update tokens and seed attributes for selected collections

  • Populate collections on production

  • Fixed issue with new wallet staking

  • Brainstorming about raffle reward

  • Setup Staking environment on Windows to investigate phantom mobile-related issues

  • Fixed multi-select button responsive issue on the small screen

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Moonly weekly progress update #45 - First Staking Client

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #45 — First Staking Client

I think we can celebrate this milestone. Why? Because we have our first client, Kaimana DAO, using our SaaS (Staking as a Service) in production. Their community already staked 436 tokens, which is pretty cute.

Since most of our tools have been free so far, I think this is a great new beginning for Moonly. We have a lot more work to do. Releasing other tools that are being developed (Portfolio tracker, Sniper, other Discord tools/bots, Royaltie Detection tool, Raffles, etc) and package them correctly, so it can be easy to consume for users and customers and understand the value we are providing.

We also need to improve existing stuff: some things are broken, bugged, or need improvements. It’s natural in the development world, especially if you make such a complex platform like Moonly.

We aim to polish SaaS even more, package it with other tools, and start reaching projects and people.

Discord HVB bot or Staking as a Service is an excellent way for Moonly to grow. If they use our service, they will basically work for us since all their holders/members will need to come to our website, register, and use our tools.

Weekly developer progress:

  • Removed the old component for dropdowns

  • Created the Schema for the resolver

  • Figured out why the published filter was getting slow

  • Fixed the test Moonly bot server

  • Switched Live-feed events history to the Big DB

  • Introduced a switch to disable ad popups on the dev server

  • Discussed the multi-collection feature

  • Implemented multi-threading & scheduler in the Twitter-scraper app

  • Finalized the Ui changes

  • Fixing the multiple instance issues that were crashing the remote server

  • Finished migrating the sniper bot to the Moonly codebase

  • Fixed tx-parser issue with Magiceden

  • Refactored the Twitter space project codes

  • Figuring out how to implement the Twitter authentication system

  • Finished the login UI/UX

  • Added image URL verification

  • Finalise changes to the Big DB structure

Staking (Locking):

  • Created Kaimana tokens

  • Seeded the attribute traits

  • Created a PR for fixing the SuperAdmin issues

  • Adding “Mission Staking” smart contract and local test validator

  • Fixed tx-parser’s previous failing test cases

  • Making staking page info public

  • Researched and created a rough data structure for Mission Account

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Moonly weekly progress update #44

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #44

Hello everyone! In short. Our Staking as a Service (SaaS) platform is in production finally! This means that other projects could use our SaaS and have mutual benefits from it, as I explained in the video: Link to Moonly Staking: You can help us test SaaS by staking your Moonly NFT and providing feedback so we can improve the platform for our community and other projects. We also silently introduced ETH and Polygon market stats, which some of you probably saw but we are still working on polishing them. As Stefan said, these are just puzzle pieces of the Moonly ecosystem!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Debug minor issues on new test servers

  • Reviewed image quality improvement

  • Deployed multi-wallet fix and ran the migration script

  • Resolved the floor price issue

  • Working on the “scrape active” filtering issue on the admin page

  • Reviewed & deployed changes to the blogs widget

  • Switched live-feed events history to the Big DB

  • Checking the reason for tokens missing even after re-scraping

  • Updated development documentation

  • Finished the responsive and navbar changes

Portfolio tracker

  • Fixed the Portfolio page to show NFTs in the wallet from the blockchain

  • Fixed Transactions on the Portfolio page, when the username is given

Staking (Locking):

  • Fixed basic issues and created PR for multi-wallet link

  • Deploying the smart contract

  • Deployed SaaS to production

  • Discuss caching images

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Moonly weekly progress update #43

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #43

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? This week, Portfolio Tracker and Staking(Locking) features are being tested and prepared for production! Then the real testers will be the holders and other projects who will use these features, and they will give us real feedback!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Load NFTs from the database

  • Fixed the bugs and deployed for custom notification

  • Checking videos and docs provided for a multi-wallet

  • Fixed the frontend multiple fetching issues for the blogs resolver

  • Reviewed multi-wallet/linking PR, added very minor improvements to DB schema

  • Deployed link multi-wallet

  • Finished deploying the new five dev servers

  • Resolved the historical issue and optimized it

  • Shipped PT logs to our other servers

Staking (Locking):

  • Create a resolver for fetching fungible tokens

  • Added collection Info and Updated color on the staking item

  • Added trait_count field on Collection-Info structure

  • Fixed Reward issue at first load

  • Show admin management section only for super admin

  • Added stats info on the staking page

  • Fixed a bug with Unstake Button on Authority Staking

  • Created New UI for the NFT staking page, linked the data, and made it responsive for all screens

  • Tried to fix the current wallet linking issue

  • Reduced Nft item card size on Staking Page

  • Fixed a bug related to reward count animation

  • Removed Reward Token field from NFT-card

  • Added $ sign before every token symbol

  • Show NAN on the top info section when the reward is disabled

  • Added Unstaked filter tab on Staking Page

  • Added load more button for Staked NFT and Unstaked NFT tabs

  • Filter tabs moved to dropdown and left aligned

  • Fixed the bug with Multiselect when the UserPool account is not initialized

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Improved the Update Stats function

  • Finished the Parser improvement

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Moonly weekly progress update #42

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #42

So much great stuff should come out in the two next weeks. We are so excited, and we are working at the full speed on Moonly! It doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you do not stop!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Fixed the historical low/high price issue of the update scheduler

  • Discuss the issue with Devnet staking feature

  • Make the simplest log storage on AutomatioWorker

  • Deployed PRs for UI

  • Discuss ways to get transactions, saving issues, planning

  • Fixed the issue of Moonly-bot’s token verification

  • Solved issue with queues not working after fallback from KeyDB migration

  • Solved the issue on some GraphQL queries

  • Debugging what is generating an insane load on the RPC server when running PT

  • Several deploys for UI on Moonly

  • Finished custom notification feature

  • Cloned production DB

  • Switched Live Feed to a separate Redis

  • Switch Stats Scraper to a separate Redis

  • Attempt to migrate the Portfolio Tracker

Staking (Locking):

  • Added Resolver For Extra Wallet

  • Created and refactored Wallet Management Popup

  • Created a database model for a wallet

  • Research on making the whole process secure

  • Research on adding the “Backpack Wallet”

  • Added functionality “Add Another Wallet”

  • Added functionality “Unlink Wallet”

  • Added functionality “Make a Wallet Primary Wallet”

  • Enabled login from multiple wallets to the same account

  • Show extra info, when signing the message

  • Partially fixed a logout bug with Phantom Wallet on Chrome

  • Created PR for “Multi-Link Wallet”

  • Created the improved model for attribute Trait&Value

  • Created a Seeding Script and tested it on a small scale

  • Created script for parsing Royalty Fee

  • Fixed Staking related issues by adding a trait

  • Fixed issue — Trait and reward not showing with authority staking

  • Fixed an issue with the link multi-wallet branch

  • Fixed backpack wallet PR build issue

  • Fixed an issue of not being able to add multiple attributes of the same trait

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Improved some codes & added an alert queue with ETH scraper

  • Deploy the ETH scraper

  • Trying to fix the Etherscan URL issue

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Moonly weekly progress update #41

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #41

Hello, how is everyone? This week we are adding market data for ETH projects and we are adding over 40 thousand new ones which will be monitored. Staking as a service and Portfolio tracker is still in the testing phase but this week we started experimenting with the new feature! We have positive experiments and results, and after SaaS and PT are implemented, we gonna work on buying automation, AKA sniping bot. We are excited to see how that will work on Moonly.

Weekly developer progress:

  • Worked on adding currency filed on admin UI

  • Finished highlighting fields

  • Fixed the backend resolver issue

  • Find ways to save tons of data

  • Checking what is wrong with the Twitter Alpha scraper

  • Debugged the reasons for the RPC server crash down

  • Added collection address inside the NFT form for the Ethereum & Polygon chain

  • Fixed the merge issue for published NFTs on the MatchNFT page

  • Fixed the production currency icon issue

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Implemented metadata retry logic

  • Worked on Any-trait search

  • Fixed “unauthorized error” on search NFT

  • Implemented the search NFT feature on HVB

  • Changed DB structure to support any NFT on HVB

  • Resolved HVB issue, tested, and deployed to staging

Staking (Locking):

  • Created Special Staking Access for Moonly author

  • Implemented Stake Count Authentication on the server side

  • Fixed stack overflow issue on CollectionInfo>Attributes

  • Better info message for multi-select

  • Fixed reward not reduced after the claim

  • Fixed negative reward value when staking

  • Showing total loaded NFTs on the Page

  • Implemented “verify NFT” from DB metadata

  • Found & Fixed some issues related to authority staking

  • Fixed trait not loading issue

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Added metrics server to Portfolio tracker

  • Add proxies logging to PT

  • Experiment with saving transactions to different backends

  • Fixed indexes on the Portfolio tracker

  • Experimented with saving logs

  • Found and removed a bug that led to endless crashes/restart

  • Tested saving logs into SQLite DB

  • Attempted to track issue causing runaway CPU consumption

Sniping Bot:

  • Worked on merging the buy NFT button and testing it in staging

  • Organized the code for the NFT Sniping bot

  • Added filter and support for old transactions

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Included auto-created & published NFT suggestion feature

  • Fixed admin MatchNFT’s page

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Moonly weekly progress update #40

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #40

I want you to meet Kai “The King”, a wonderful person that will help Moonly grow in various aspects. After I saw that great article he wrote about Moonly, that instant bought me because I felt he understood what Moonly is like he is a part of our hardcore team.

You can read his old article about Moonly here:

I like how he approaches the topic by carefully taking notes and doing in-depth research.

  • Kai will be the voice of Moonly and host Twitter Spaces once per week, where we will bring other upcoming or minted projects as a guest and do some AMA.

  • He will help by joining other Twitter spaces with me and advocating and talking about Moonly.

  • Kai will help with writing up content for Moonly, blog posts, WP, and even announcements sometime.

  • He will do a lot of research and provide critical and honest feedback on some of our ideas.

  • Kai will be part of our community and answer some questions when he feels it.

Overall, Kai will be a good addition to the Moonly team and our upcoming project!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Reviving Big BD scraper and cleaning up the DB schema

  • Fixing a few bugs for Moonrank scraper

  • Refactor the toggle NFT visibility script through the new chains flag

  • Experiment with the Moonrank scraper

  • Experiment with the buy button on the live feed

  • Trying to add some libraries to not depend on page-level components

  • Fixed a bug in Twitter scraper

  • Added switches to disable Live feed on test servers

  • Deploy fixes to remote logging on production

  • Included chain filter on the monitor page

  • Included year with mint date on production

  • Making admin “get suggestion” dynamic for published & auto-created both

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Implemented “test message” feature on HVB

  • Completed and tested “send test message” feature on HVB

  • Investigated different issues in HVB production

  • Started working on multi-thread wallet-checker

  • Wrote the multi-thread feature for wallet-checker

  • Implemented “Any trait” value

  • Investigated production issue of HVB related to metadata scraper

  • Deployed “default Any” trait on production

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Found a solution for collection address

  • Discovered why the volume showing NaN on the NFT Chart

  • Tried to fix the superuser DB issue

  • Fixed a bullMq lock duration issue on the ETH scraper

  • Fixed a production suggestion issue

Staking (Locking):

  • Working on Point Reward System and Staking Merging

  • Doing research for account migration

  • Got an understanding of how to structure accounts

  • Fixed bug and refactored Reward CountUP incrementor

  • Added incrementor for Total Reward

  • Implemented Dynamic Stake Pool

  • Made fronted changes for Dynamic Stake Pool

  • Create special Staking Access for Moonly author

  • Fixed stack overflow issue on collection info

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Moonly weekly progress update #39

Published by: shtefcs, Founder of Moonly

Moonly weekly progress update #39

Holder Verification Bot (HVB) is in production for some time and now the real testing begins. Very soon the other roles will be introduced for holders with more than one NFT or even specific traits! We are gonna start offering to other projects Holder Verification Bot as well as Staking as a Service, Token creation, and Sales Bot which also arrive very soon!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Experiment with catching a transaction and matching it with the production database

  • Finished and tested user roles

  • Figuring out the data structure on the sol-sniper live feed, and the execution flow

  • Working on app performance and optimization analysis

  • Fixing the bug in the top section of top volume changes

  • Analyzing every DB calls with Explain statement

  • Reviving Big BD scraper and cleaning up the DB schema

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Investigate how to restructure the HVB

  • Solved an issue on RPC-proxy

  • Worked on discord link, log in, merge account

  • Implemented test message feature on HVB

  • Done some testing on various servers

  • Setup and deployed Holder Verification Bot to production

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Added Opensea & Etherscan icons inside eth NFT details page

  • Removed total listed count API call

  • Reduced ETH update scheduler query to reduce some latency

  • Made the stat chain icons dynamic

  • Working on a solution for the Meilisearch issue

  • Discovered why Opensea & Etherscan URLs can’t merge

Staking (Locking):

  • Added global state update endpoint in smart contract

  • Added global state update form and error handling

  • Tested account migration with real test case

  • Created API for getting user stake count

  • Successfully made Shared Library for staking and backend

  • Fixed “connect wallet”, now it will redirect to the login page

  • Removed Switch and renamed Active to Checkbox and Staking Active

  • Allow Staker to un-stake NFT and claim the reward when staking is disabled for that collection

  • Deployed to testing server and fixed some build issues

  • Tested Stake Count Authentication

  • Added a popup with an un-stake option when there isn’t enough token in the collection vault

  • Fixed info hiding issue on the token management section

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