Moonly weekly progress update #46 - New design for a login page

Published by: Stefan Smiljkovic, Founder of Moonly on Apr 25, 2023

Moonly weekly progress update #46 — New design for a login page

Hello Guys! How are you all? Some devs were on a small vacation (deserved vacation) this week, but we manage to finish some important stuff.

Finished a new design for a login page. Users can log in via Wallet or via Discord but now we will also integrate logging via Twitter(coming soon).

Once you are logged in you can link your Wallet and your Discord and that way you can upgrade your profile to the next level and you will be able to use some of the new tools and new features that will be locked for the visitors!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Checked and fixed the dropdown not showing in some page source

  • Finished login page

  • Migrated new changes on the sniper bot to the Moonly codebase

  • Finalise changes to Big DB structure

  • Run reprocessing of transactions

  • Start transaction ID scan over

  • Modernise scrapers-mints package to discover mints from the blockchain

  • Started working on the multi-collection functionality

  • Implemented a workable multi-collection feature except for the submission

  • Rewrote the submission form algorithm

  • Deployed the multi-collection HVB at the bot test server

  • The research was done on Solana runtime limitations

  • Fixed RPC server out of disk space

Staking (Locking):

  • Update tokens and seed attributes for selected collections

  • Populate collections on production

  • Fixed issue with new wallet staking

  • Brainstorming about raffle reward

  • Setup Staking environment on Windows to investigate phantom mobile-related issues

  • Fixed multi-select button responsive issue on the small screen

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