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Optimizations that caches!

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of hasty.dev

I might not have been very active on the socials - namely Twitter these past weeks. Due to some personal reasons, I have not been able to work on any side-projects. Sadly, and I'm so, so sorry! 😢

Today has been very different though! I've been typing away, and quite fast - if I should say so myself 🥹

Thus, prepare yourselves for the new and massively improved hasty.dev! 😍


We all love those fast and snappy site, right? Well, the secret sauce is sometimes caching, something I've not implemented on hasty.dev - until now! Whoop! 🚤 So, please, enjoy the power of caching!

Of cause it won't be cached for ever, just a few moments, so if you might click the Run by accident right after another run, this won't hurt anybody now.

What happens if you change the code, then? Well, it's a completely new payload, meaning the tasks will be run anew! Also, the percentages will update according to these new op/s.

Quite a few new improvements, I don't even know where to start 🤷


Use the proper fetching mechanism for the front-end - this has been a tech-debt for quite awhile. I'm using SvelteKit, just FYI. Simply haven't been able to love any other front-end SSR framework as much!

Along with this, I've messed a bit with the request and responses, these are now far smaller than before! This should - maybe - equal to some faster answers to whatever you might seek!

The API got the largest overhaul, this also means the deployment process. The docker-image is now exactly half the size of what it used to be! - Did somebody say faster releases? Heck ya!

All in all, clarified the code for future me to work in - I'll love past self in the future 🤗


What about being able to see those variable texts of one of the notebooks, those are much better handled now. You're welcome! 🤩

Hopefully fixed issues with the API, that unfortunately seems to disconnect from the data-store at randomized weird moments 🫣

Also, a big mystery still is the recovering from a complete panic, these are still on a testing basis, but might the right ones now.

On other - related - news: I have decided to try out with the new (a tad old) kid in the yard! Mastodon, here I am... @Mobilpadde@techhub.social.


Landing-page! 🥳

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of hasty.dev

What's up?! A new landing-page is up, that's what's up!

Gave a designer a take on hasty's landing-page, and HOLY COW, did I love it? 🥳

So I, with her acceptance, simply had to implement it. And wow, I'm in love!

Thanks, that's all folkes!

I love these short urls! 🤓

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of hasty.dev

Don't you just hate it when an app sharing feature turns into a 5k long char-chain? Well, I did for hasty.dev, but no more! I've updated most everything and urls are now always 22 characters long, no more, no less! Oh happy joy!

Here's an example of a shorter url, https://hasty.dev/page/Rh6cXtOCOO5QETQJ8OeQVy it's for the notebook feature of hasty.dev, which I've dubbed pages.

Even works for everything else, that's sharable via hasty.dev! What are you waiting for? Please go check it out 😍

Sorting Algorithms

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of hasty.dev

After a lot of thinking, I've implemented a few sorting algorithms comparing them against eachother! 😍

These can be found at https://hasty.dev/shorts or by navigating to the direct link https://hasty.dev/shorts/bubble-vs-selection and so on for the different algorithms! Nerdy, I know! 🤓

So far I've added:

  • Bubble Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Heap Sort

Happy benchmarking!

Pages are like notebooks

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of hasty.dev

The Idea

I've for a while have been tinkering with what I think JavaScript'ers have been missing - namely a way to make Jupyter-like notebooks!

So I started building. Actually been on this since November 12th - so about a month. Lot's of stuff is going to happen still!

The past

Back on the 12th of November it couldn't do much, in fact you were only able to build a page using the source code!

This couldn't spark much joy to any people, so that brings us to the present.

The present

Now you are able to build pages as your heart desires! still missing some documentation on how to use the page-builder, but it's definitely a step in the right direction!

The future

No one knows what the future will bring, not even me for this project! What I do know, though, is that there wil have to be some docs upon how to use the scripting of the pages. Hopefully also a more intuitive way to use the page builder and so on.

I'd love to get some way to work on a saved notebook again, as for now it is not possible to get working on an old saved notebook, which is quite a shame!

The page itself

The notebooks are easily managed by a notion-esque idea-inspired way to build a page - in this case, a notebook.

You start with mostly nothing, then add along all the fields you'd possibly need for a long coding experiment.

It all starts with a box - a magic box one might say. This box allows you to add any element you'd like.

For now though, there are four elements to choose from:

  • Header - A header element
  • Text - A text-area element
  • Code - The snippets to run and global to run from
  • Comment - A super simple comment - for less text that Text, but not quite a heading

Checkout the /page to get a taste off all the elements. It'll show off all of the elements!

The End

Thanks for reading!

By now you must be super excited to get the pages - notbooks - a try! You without further ado, hasty.dev/page and a demo is also available on hasty.dev/page/demo 🥰

Pst. There's also a shortcut to get a compelely clean slate by navigating to hasty.dev/page/new 💡

Highlighted Code 🥳

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of hasty.dev

Who doesn't like colours? Well, hasty.dev has got them now! Highlighted code, whatcha think?

A few days ago, all text were white on a dark background. Well, that wasn't very IDE-esque. So, instead of the white text, it has been highlighted!

Along with an auto resizing area for the code 🤩 How about it!

Embeddable hasties 🤯

Published by: Mobilpadde, Founder of hasty.dev

The What

What feature does any great tool require? You got it! An embeddable component! This is exactly what I just added as the latest feature of #hasty.

With hasty.dev you've got the ability to add the globals along with (or without) some tests and simply press the "Embed" button to get an easily embeddable piece of code, which you can embed any- and everywhere amongst the web - sometimes even natively, but this depends on the software.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the new embeddable feature, if you don't know which code to test, I've even prepared one for you: https://hasty.dev/#eyJnbG9iYW....

The Why

Is this even useful, you may ask. The answer to that is - of course - yes, very!

I, for one, am going to be using these in some posts in the future. These can even be used educationally. Simply think about it, the professor scolds the student, that some piece of code is waaay faster than their code, but the student won't listen without proof, but how do they test it? Well, simply hasty those two code-pieces; and bam! The student was right all along.

The How

Just navigate to hasty.dev, write your "global" code, a few test cases, and press "Embed". Simple as that!

PS. This is an embedded hasty: