I love these short urls! 🤓

Published by: Mads Bram Cordes, Founder of hasty.dev on Apr 24, 2022

Don't you just hate it when an app sharing feature turns into a 5k long char-chain? Well, I did for hasty.dev, but no more! I've updated most everything and urls are now always 22 characters long, no more, no less! Oh happy joy!

Here's an example of a shorter url, https://hasty.dev/page/Rh6cXtOCOO5QETQJ8OeQVy it's for the notebook feature of hasty.dev, which I've dubbed pages.

Even works for everything else, that's sharable via hasty.dev! What are you waiting for? Please go check it out 😍

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Comments (3)

Micah Iverson 2 yrs ago

It's been nearly a month since your last update for Hasty Dev, what's your next feature that you have been working on?

Mads Bram Cordes 2 yrs ago

Oh, I haven't seen your comment. Well, I think you already know ??

Mads Bram Cordes 2 yrs ago

My emoji turned into `??` ? :D