Let's Socialize 🫂

Published by: Mads Bram Cordes, Founder of hasty.dev on Jun 04, 2023


New Open Graph (OG) images have been added, these are quite cool and I do encourage you to check 'em out. They should hopefully make shared benchmarks more compelling to look at 🤔

If you want to try it out, don't wait! Have a link on me - free of charge of course! 🤑

Last, but not least, the shorts-section of HASTY has been give a pretty cool overhaul. Also the OG-tags - and images - are updated 🥳


Most all of the OG- and meta-tags have been updated, along with some of the visible text 📈🤞

All pages have been migrated/re-branded to notebook*, this makes it easier to understand by new users 🤗 Don't worry, though, all old pages still work, but will be redirected to notebooks 🤫


Paid a massive tech-debt. Not all, but it's a great start! 🥵

👋 until next time,

Sunshine Social


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