HelpKit reached $3000 MRR and going full-time indiehacking

Published by: Dominik Sobe, Founder of HelpKit on Jun 27, 2022

Today marks the third big milestone for me as an Indiehacker. Helpkit, my 100% bootstrapped SaaS, reached $3000 in MRR! That is over 130 paying customers.

From small ambitious content creators to publicly traded companies are all now using HelpKit and Notion to serve their knowledge bases.

This is huge because it basically allows me to go full-time on indiehacking while still being in school (I need to finish my thesis asap). My goal for this summer was to reach $1K for ramen profitability and now reaching 3x is genuinely incredible and I am incredibly grateful for the experience so far.

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Comments (5)

Manoj Ranaweera 2 yrs ago

Wow. This is amazing @Dominik. Well done indeed.

Daniel Reina 2 yrs ago

Awesome milestone! Especially when your expectations were to reach 1k for this summer! Congrats!! :)

Dominik Sobe 2 yrs ago

Thank you buddy! Appreciate it :)

Micah Iverson 2 yrs ago

Congratulations, this is fantastic news!

Dominik Sobe 2 yrs ago

Thanks Micah!!!