We are adjusting our pricing plans

Published by: Manoj Ranaweera, Founder of SkilledUp Life on Feb 20, 2022

Changing of our pricing plans https://skilledup.life/pricing

We are 100% funded by our revenues with no external investment. So revenues matter a great deal for us for our survival and growth.

As some of you are watching us with interest, I just want to share the forthcoming changes to our pricing plans

Our pricing plans are set based on the last 12 months' revenue and total equity finance raised to date, which we think is a fairer way to price.

Tier 1: £300 ($410)/year or £30 ($41)/month: pre-investment and revenues below £10k ($14k)

Tier 2: £900 ($1220)/year or £90 ($122)/month: Revenues or Investment less than £100k ($140k), whichever is highest

Tier 3: £3000 ($4100)/year or £300 ($410)/month: Revenues or Investment less than £500k ($680k), whichever is highest

Contacts Us: Revenues or Investment over £500k ($680k), whichever is highest

If you are already a paying customer, we will not increase your pricing (unless you move from one Tier to another at annual review).

We now have 4,042 Volunteers from 81 countries.

Our education partners are producing high-quality Volunteers. We expect this trend to continue as we grow SkilledUp Life.

If you are one of our customers, thank you. If you are thinking about leveraging SkilledUp Life, now is the time to act.

Email: manoj.ranaweera@skilledup.life Chat: https://canumeet.com/manojranaweera

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