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Having to do the impossible

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

At the start of the 2nd year (1st Aug 2021), we set a target of achieving 10x growth on the supply side of - free talent for tech startups.

In the first 12 months, we achieved our target of signing up 1,000 Volunteers with 24 hours to go. To 10x in the next 12 months, we had to continually up our game.

Now that we have reached the last week of the second year, we have a mammoth task of adding 2,000 new Volunteers to SkilledUp Life.

From where we are standing and based on our past performance, this seems like an impossible task to achieve. But we are going to give our best shot.

What we achieved this past week, which so far has been the best week, we need to achieve the same result almost every day if we are to reach this target.

To give us a chance of achieving, all our team members are being called to help.

When was the last time you chased a result like this? What tactics did you deploy? What was the result? Love to hear.

Do wish us all the best, please. Thank you.

Weekly Progress Update from SkilledUp Life

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life - free talent for tech startups

  • Volunteers: 6,861 (behind by 239 - need 775 this week to stay on target to get to 11,000 by end of Jul)
  • Customers: 22 (behind by 3 - need 10 this week to get to 100 by end of Jul)
  • MRR: £633 (target £10k MRR by end of Oct)
  • Team size: 24 + new teammates to be added.
  • Accelerator Partners: No new partners added.

The highlight of the week, Micah and Open Works joined as a Tech Startup Founder Customer. Thank you Micah.


The Long Road To The Magical £10k MRR By End Of Oct 2022

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

We have two targets to hit on our way to £10k MRR by 31st Oct 2022. The first is to get to 100 paying customers by end of July 2022. – giving a leg up to Indiehackers and bootstrapped tech startups with free talent to build and grow their tech startups.

Just signed up the 18th Tech Startup customer, the first from South Africa. Every day counts. We need 2 more by end of tomorrow (Sun the 12th June).

MRR up to £513

The pressure is building up. Place your bets now! Can we make it?


Breaking records

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

We are fast approaching the end of our second year and we have a mountain to climb to hit our two targets, these being:

  • 11,000 total volunteers
  • 100 paying tech startup customers.

Today, the numbers are:

  • 5,882 volunteers
  • 14 customers

Previously the best month was January 2022. Then we had poor performance over the next 3 months. We know the reasons and are trying to make sure it won't happen again.

After a long decline, we are thrilled with this week's performance, as we have so far achieved, in terms of Volunteer Sign Ups

  • Best week (4 short to 300)
  • Best day (90)
  • Best Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

We also signed the 14th customer this week. Do check us out - free talent for tech startups


We are adjusting our pricing plans

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

Changing of our pricing plans

We are 100% funded by our revenues with no external investment. So revenues matter a great deal for us for our survival and growth.

As some of you are watching us with interest, I just want to share the forthcoming changes to our pricing plans

Our pricing plans are set based on the last 12 months' revenue and total equity finance raised to date, which we think is a fairer way to price.

Tier 1: £300 ($410)/year or £30 ($41)/month: pre-investment and revenues below £10k ($14k)

Tier 2: £900 ($1220)/year or £90 ($122)/month: Revenues or Investment less than £100k ($140k), whichever is highest

Tier 3: £3000 ($4100)/year or £300 ($410)/month: Revenues or Investment less than £500k ($680k), whichever is highest

Contacts Us: Revenues or Investment over £500k ($680k), whichever is highest

If you are already a paying customer, we will not increase your pricing (unless you move from one Tier to another at annual review).

We now have 4,042 Volunteers from 81 countries.

Our education partners are producing high-quality Volunteers. We expect this trend to continue as we grow SkilledUp Life.

If you are one of our customers, thank you. If you are thinking about leveraging SkilledUp Life, now is the time to act.

Email: Chat:

My Volunteer team - 24 of them

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

How are you? This is my volunteer team.

Do let me know if you like to tap into our 3,738 Volunteers from 76 countries?

I'm here to break any prejudices (e.g. volunteers are useless) that you may have and show you how Volunteers can help your tech startup move from where you are to the next stage and beyond.

We are the best use case out there. And we want you to learn from us and do better than us.

Come for the ride!

Together, we can build tech companies whilst helping others to develop their skills and gain experiences.

It's a WIN WIN. What are you waiting for?

PS: If you want to connect with me on Linkedin, please send a message referring to this as I am a bit bored with Linkedin connections without valid request messages. Thanks.

Would you consider the following as transformative or just another meh?

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

You bring an idea for a tech startup.

2,885 volunteers (we are adding 100 every 3 to 6 days) at

  • Validates it
  • Help build the idea into a product
  • Acquires users on your behalf
  • Convert them to customers
  • Provides customer support
  • Build the team

Pre-Seed Investors watching what's happening put some money into you, as SkilledUp Life has de-risked the opportunity for them.

You end up hiring some of our volunteers after the volunteer term has ended.

Is that too much to foresee? Is that just another meh!

Wish you a happy 2022

Published by: SkilledUpLife, Founder of SkilledUp Life

Wishing all of our community a great 2022. Our community now includes:

  • 2,849 Volunteers from 71 countries
  • 52 companies
  • 8 partners

Our plans for 2022 revolves around three targets:

  • Have a community of 11,000 Volunteers by 31st July 2022.
  • Have 100 paying customers (tech companies) by 31st July 2022.
  • Reach £10k MRR by 30th Oct 2022.

Our Nigerian team wants to onboard:

  • 25,000 Nigerians by 31st Dec 2022.

On behalf of my team, I would like to thank everyone who interacted with us and wish everyone a great 2022!