Breaking records

Published by: Manoj Ranaweera, Founder of SkilledUp Life on May 27, 2022

We are fast approaching the end of our second year and we have a mountain to climb to hit our two targets, these being:

  • 11,000 total volunteers
  • 100 paying tech startup customers.

Today, the numbers are:

  • 5,882 volunteers
  • 14 customers

Previously the best month was January 2022. Then we had poor performance over the next 3 months. We know the reasons and are trying to make sure it won't happen again.

After a long decline, we are thrilled with this week's performance, as we have so far achieved, in terms of Volunteer Sign Ups

  • Best week (4 short to 300)
  • Best day (90)
  • Best Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

We also signed the 14th customer this week. Do check us out - free talent for tech startups


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Micah Iverson 2 yrs ago

Looks like you are making some progress, growth can be super difficult. Stick with it!