🥳 First customers rolling in and early marketing efforts showing results

Published by: Dominik Sobe, Founder of HelpKit on Oct 12, 2021

HelpKit has just received the second customer, this time someone signed up for the premium plan of $29/m. They have already added 69 articles to their knowledge base which is a really great sign ✨

Almost three weeks after the soft launch on Twitter, I am finally seeing some traction which feels great.

Working on some new marketing channels now to see how to speed up to conversion rate. I'd like to briefly share the two most prominent so far:

🌱 A little growth hack: Notion Simple Table

I am a huge Notion fan but there's this one thing that is still not available: A simple table.

Yes, there's no simple to add to your Notion page 😆

However, I found out a hack where you can use the math equation block and LaTeX notation to create beautifully-looking simple tables.

So I decided to follow Rob Wallings's advice and built a simple and free generator around it so that Notion users can easily generate their tables without messing around with the complex LaTeX notation.

Here are the results so far for NotionSimpleTable.com:

  • 👤4.4K unique visitors
  • 🧮 1.2K tables created so far
  • 🗣️650 unique visitors for Helpkit
  • ✨ 24 new trial sign ups for Helpkit
  • 😻 328+ upvotes and #5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt
  • 🥰 Lots of love on Reddit, FB, etc. (424+ likes/votes on Social Media)

Wall of Love

📹 Publishing help videos on Youtube

In addition to NotionSimpleTable, I am also spending efforts in creating compelling videos of HelpKit on Youtube since it is the second largest search engine in the world.

You can check them here: HelpKit Youtube Channel

YT Channel

That's it for now 😉

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