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User Requested feature added; Remove <x> no. of characters

Published by: Valley_Software, Founder of Bulk File Rename

I do love user requests; I'm a sucker for implementing things that customers obviously want!

So when I was contacted about adding the ability to remove a certain number of characters from filenames in bulk, I jumped at it!

Why hadn't I thought of that?

Users are the best.

Anyway, it is now included in Bulk File rename, and even in the free version!

Kanban Ink is on my shared code library!

Published by: Valley_Software, Founder of Kanban Ink

Not only have I made the new common code library work for me, but I have my first apps using it!

GIF-O-Matic has been migrated along with Kanban Ink.

Each app I port takes time, but will free up so much development time for other things in the medium to long term.

I'm in the middle of porting Bulk Image Resize now. And each app makes the shared code library /better/. I am going to believe that means I am doing something right.

Bertha and Purpose

Published by: Valley_Software, Founder of Bertha

Since my last post I became aware that I'd made a huuuuge mistake with Bertha.

I was trying to hard to make it a generic, adaptable setup that it had gone much too far.

Sure, it was setup to manage multiple configurable everything in a fully malleable way, but the ability of it to utilise any of those faculties was completely hamstrung.

Distance sensors for instance; Abstracting them was great (is great) but I had gone so far as to make it very difficult to have Bertha utilise them herself without direct control.

OVER engineered. I've rolled much back now and am working on integrating the 3 primary distance sensors (front, back, and pan/tilt).

Uplift and standardize common code

Published by: Valley_Software, Founder of Kanban Ink

My flagship products; Bulk File Rename, Bullet Journal and Kanban Ink all share some elements, but they are by in large copied and require manual updates in multiple places when newer ways, styles or capabilties.

Kanban Ink needs an uplift to my current component set so it makes sense to start there with building a shared, portable library to eliminate some duplication.