Hashtag Remote


Hashtag Remote

Hire remote professionals from around the world.

#Remote, is a free site to help customers find remote professionals from around the world.

We built #Remote because every designer, developer and freelancer we know seems to have a few extra hours per week that they would like to be earning extra income with. #Remote makes it easy for potential clients to see just how many hours you have available to help them with their projects.

Another reason we built #Remote is because we often see this "race to the bottom" pricing that you find on places like Upwork where very talented people are offering their services for crazy low prices. On #Remote, we have set an expectation that you as a freelancer will expect a minimum of $35 per hour for your services, you can of course set a price higher than that if you wish.

Here are a few additional reasons for Clients and Freelancers to use NerdFeedr...

Variable Timeframes Save money! Hire the right contractors at the right time for only the length you need.

Multiple Skill Sets Hire multiple contractors with different skills to meet the demands of any project.

Direct Communication Communicate directly with contractors, no need for middleman getting in the way.

Industry Level Rates Professional contractors expect industry rates, we've set a minimum of $35/hour.

Have we mentioned yet that it's completely free to sign up? We will always offer a free membership option!