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Growing traffic and churn

Published by: romainsimon, Founder of Beanvest

I started working on different strategies for growing my traffic, with good results.


  • I fixed my website issues to have a nearly perfect Health Score in ahrefs (currently 98/100)
  • I wrote content on finance definitions to try to rank on specific terms. For the moment it's quite hard.
  • I added pages for important features such as this one
  • I started looking for backlinks from generic high-rank domains, software directories, and subreddits

referring domains and traffic

As a result, my domain rating has improved, as well as my traffic (even though it's still small):



I created some content that I post on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

For the moment, it does not drive traffic, but I found a very interesting strategy with Facebook. You can join groups with your page, and share your posts on it.

This has two main benefits :

  1. You can invite people that interact with the publication to like your page (I got 60 people liking my page with one post)
  2. You can create a custom audience, and target these people with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads

I tried different strategies with Facebook Ads and managed to go from 10€ / lead to less than 1.5€ / lead. The issue I have is those trials do not convert to Premium users, so I stopped my campaigns for now.


I found that the synchronization with Degiro I recently added is convincing more users to pay for Premium. However, the churn is really high for now, and users are not sticky at all.

Resolving those issues is now my top priority because it does not make any sense to drive more traffic without users being super happy about the software.