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Indie Maker talking about startups, founder of Open Makers. Also run an interior house painting company.












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March, 12, 2023

@MicahIverson Updated

Made some minor updates to the site.
Published 3 Blog Posts
Changed focus to helping trade business owners run and manage their business.
Posted a featured milestone post.

January, 27, 2023

@MicahIverson Updated

Fixed a ton of SEO content issues.
Fixed some SEO content issues.

October, 31, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Scheduled posts for Wild Fox Painting
Sent client emails and estimates.
Seeing positive growth with new Facebook members and paid directory members.

August, 25, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Wrote presentation for BNI event.
Scheduled Social Media Posts

August, 12, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Working on two sites for local businesses to promote themselves.

August, 09, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Responded to emails.
Trying to find new music to listen to.
Started new painting job today.

July, 24, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Reached 1000 followers on Twitter!
Added new hero banner on homepage when user is logged out.

July, 20, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Sent three cabinet painting estimates.
Refined mobile experience for new app.
Restructured UI for better layout design and maintainability.
Posting TikTok videos of website tour

July, 13, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Reworking Articles be more value driven.
Bunch of estimates for potential clients.
Mobile UI fixes.

July, 04, 2022

@MicahIverson Updated

Finished up 4 painting estimates.
Sent a bunch of client emails.
Scheduled painting schedule for July and part of August.
Worked on backyard landscaping.