My name is Micah and this is my first Open Makers Article

Published by: Micah Iverson on Oct 01, 2021

I am pleased to announce the launch of "Articles / Posts / Stories" whatever you want to call them for Open Makers. Articles are a way for you to share content to your maker profile that you create but is not necessarily related to a specific product.

Here is a more in-depth post about articles... for now I'd like to introduce myself...

Hello! My name is Micah Iverson, I am the founder of Open Makers and excited for you to be here. A quick overview about myself is that my background is in UI design, HTML/CSS and some backend programing. I live in Castle Rock CO with my wife and two boys. I'm originally from Iowa, I have a degree in design and one in 3D Animation, I have studied computer science and photography as well.

Three years ago I (mostly) gave up client design work and started an interior house painting company called Wild Fox Painting here in Castle Rock CO. This business allows me to fund all my side projects and also forces me to get active and not sit at a computer all day.

It's very possible you have heard my name before, I am known for building numerous products such as, Home Pro Partners, Sunshine Social and more. Open Makers is my latest and likely my last major online project, I want to focus on growing all my current projects going forward and focusing my energy to become more successful.

I hope you'll join me and many other Open Makers as we share our journeys of success and failures as we #buildinpublic.

Thank you! Micah

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