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Workspaces come to life

Published by: itsLeo_m, Founder of ok human

I have shipped a new feature for OK, human - workspaces.

After iterating on some early feedback, I've concluded that the previous method of "connecting widgets" comes across as a bit strange and overwhelming at first.

The first encounter of real users with the product shouldn't be like that!

So instead, I introduce the not-so-original concept of workspaces. These are basically "folders". Each with its own title and its own widgets.

Users would be able to create a clear separation between different areas of their lives. Each area will have a dedicated space: Health, Business, Personal - or whatever.

These workspaces are assignable to schedule routines & events. I hope it would make it easier to timebox AND track mood while working/completing a scheduled event.

Early access

As it becomes more stable, and some feedback was implemented, I am not giving away more early access!

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you all!

Closed beta!

Published by: itsLeo_m, Founder of ok human

Yesterday first beta users got access to OK, human.

The moment that the product meets the real world, even if only a tiny bit of it, is always an anxious moment.

OK, human is a child of my own necessity. Having a product that is more than another pursuit of a business idea amplifies emotions. In a way, it's a part of me & my experiment in improving my own life - delivered with code to others.

Although it's not my first product, this time I felt a bit more stressed than before. There's a long way for OK, human and I try to keep that in mind once feedback starts to roll in. Luckily, my first beta users are people whom I value & trust. I see them as partners, walking side-by-side on a path to a better product & experience.


Boring milestones - 95% done.

Published by: itsLeo_m, Founder of ok human

Bugs. Microcopy. UI fixes. Responsive pages.

It's all so boring. It's all so important.

95% of the beta is now done. Got caught up on the last 5% of the project. Now, this is an extremely risky place to be in. Past experience shows that this is where products die before they have a chance to see the light of day.

I keep wondering - is this an excuse or is it all necessary. For sure, some core issue must be handled (everything that has an interface with the core functions of the products), but others are probably a sign of my imposter syndrome peeking out.

Final push - onwards.

Towards beta: re-think & re-group

Published by: itsLeo_m, Founder of ok human

After doing some research & having some feedback I realized that there's a core feature that could contribute dramatically to the product's value. This feature is a scheduler.

But I can't eat the cake and have it too. If a feature comes in, right before the beta is ready, something must go out. Gotta stay lean. Gotta stay edgy. I Gotta be clear about the value I seek to give.

So I took a couple of days to go over the product, accounting for each feature for its value & contribution to the core vision I want to promote.

What a great feeling: dumping confusing features!

I know it's a bad sign when I use my own product and I think: Wait. What is this good for? Somewhere along the way, I got sucked in by the forces of building for sake of building. I hope I managed to hit the breaks on time.

The new (and definitely last!!!) feature will give users a base from which they can operate and manage their day. It will allow users to group widgets under routines, create tasks & events, track their mood - and all in a scope of a weekly view - just to make sure that your days are human enough, and that you stay on top of everything that's going on in life & mind.

Two last feature before beta are now done

Published by: itsLeo_m, Founder of ok human

OK, human is not only about productivity, brain dumps and organizing personal data. It's also about understanding that it serves people, not machines.

So, it may look like a strange move for a productivity app, but I've add 2 features that focus on the human side of things:

  1. Breathing feature. A very simple "box breathing" exercise. Hop in, inhale, exhale. Let go, move on.
  2. Background music channels. These are based on YouTube live channels with various styles - meditation, lofi, jazz & chillout. In case you need some beats to boost up focus :)

What's next? Mostly some layout & bug fixes, some logistics (such as privacy & terms) and then we're off to beta.

Exciting :D