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Spottid is LIVE and ready to help

Published by: VladDDev, Founder of Spottid

After a few hiccups with app stores and days of waiting for the app to be approved, Spottid is FINALLY LIVE and ready for people to try it.

In the last few months, I kept working on developing the app, but I spent more time doing product-related work than coding.

For me, the hard part is coming up with good copy and design and this is what takes me the most time. But with a lot of research and feedback, I managed to create something pretty good that I'm proud of.

I'm excited for what's to come, for trying to get more users and to make Spottid useful for many people.

Spottid was created for people who consume content - read books, listen to podcasts, etc. - with the purpose of learning and remembering key concepts.

It helps with the following:

  • easy to store key ideas - it has a clean and satisfying text editor, without the need to search for markdown;
  • multiple ways to organize content and notes - people seem to like the highlighting feature;
  • weekly and monthly digest emails to help revise and reflect on saved ideas (available with subscription).

Launch Landing Page

Published by: VladDDev, Founder of Spottid

Spottid is up and ready for people to see a demo of how it works and how they can benefit from using the app.

I tried to implement best practices for landing page, have a clear message and make the page inclusive.