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Getting Close to 30 Designed Journals

Published by: SelinaMiyasia, Founder of My Journal

I've created a soft goal of designing and putting out 30 journals by the end of 2022. So far, I'm up to 28 journals, which is amazing! I love the designs I've come up with, and some of the journals have found some great homes where they'll be used for their purpose. I'm excited about expanding the number of available designs for future clients, inspiring them to write.

Product Redesign

Published by: SelinaMiyasia, Founder of My Journal

Most of the My Journal designs have now gone through a redesign process that's added more detail, color, or personality to the original design or to the typography.

The design changes have or are in the process of being updated on all social media sites and websites including Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, and the MyJournalOfficial website.

I'm excited to create more designs and continue sharing them with everyone in the hopes that they inspire more people to write.

Available on Amazon!

Published by: SelinaMiyasia, Founder of My Journal

There are now 22 lined journals available on Amazon for purchase.
Some design features include foxes, ocean life, sunflowers, butterflies, the beach, dewdrops, cogwheels, birds, abstract art, and colorable designs.
I'm proud of the uniqueness of these journals since there's nothing out there like them, and I hope they'll fulfill their purpose to encourage writing through art.

Creation of Project

Published by: SelinaMiyasia, Founder of My Journal

I've never really done this type of thing where I announce personal products. I've always helped others with their own, so taking the time to work on my own products and then attempt to let others know about them is a new experience of overcoming shyness.