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Retrospect Team

Real-time collaboration tool for running retrospectives, organizing tasks and saving ideas.

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Retrospect is a real-time collaboration tool for Retrospectives, Tasks and Ideas...

It’s a Kanban board of Sections (topics), Cards (ideas/thoughts) which you create and share with your team members, friends, family or keep it private to yourself.

It’s perfect for remote, distributed teams who need an easy way to quickly collaborate on ideas and to easily run retrospectives after sprints. It’s also flexible enough to use for personal use as a task list, note system, daily planner and countless other uses.

Check out a few of our most recent updates...

  • Markdown Support
  • Re-arrange Board Sections
  • Date Modified Ordered Boards
  • Improved Advanced Permissions
  • "Downvote" option on Cards
  • Toggle Edit Mode
  • Save Custom Board Templates
  • Added 10X Planner Template
  • Export and Import Full Boards
  • Improved UI and UX
  • Public Boards
  • New Homepage Design
  • Tasks List
  • Notes Feature