Week 1 Updates for Open Makers

Published by: Micah Iverson, Founder of Open Makers on Aug 27, 2021

It's been a few days now since Open Makers went live, so it's not quite a full first week but it's still Friday and it's a good day to post some updates...

✅ Spent first part of the week finalizing features and working through bugs that early adopters discovered. ✅ Launched on Wed. August 25th! ✅ Fixed more bugs ✅ Changed Sub Nav System ✅ Picked next set of features to work on ✅ Showed off Dark mode ✅ Social Media posts promoting site and makers/products


✅ 24 Makers ✅ 21 Products ✅ 85 Visitors (2.5 days) from 23 Countries ✅ 3 Min. 26s average time on site. ✅ 1,874K pageviews

For a soft launch, I think we are off to a great start.

Thanks the community for the amazing compliments and bug squashing, truly appreciate the support!

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