Introduction to Maker Profiles

Published by: Micah Iverson, Founder of Open Makers on Aug 24, 2021

Your public Maker profile page is where everyone else can learn about you, connect with you on social media, discover your products, read your milestones and more.

There are some key elements you should be aware of...

Milestones Tab Every Product that you own and publish milestones for will show up in your milestones tab on your page, this makes it easy for anyone to visit one location to see all the updates you have published across all your products.

Bio Tab We all have interesting lives in some form or another, use your bio page to not only talk about some of the standard things about you, but also some of the unique and more interesting things as well. What technology do you use, what are your hobbies, what are you goals in life, why are you a maker, etc. Have some fun with it, the topics you talk about could lead to good conversation starters with other makers.

"I Need" Tab One of the toughest things for people to do is to ask for help, ask for an introduction, ask for support, etc. We have built this simple little feature to help you list the things that you are needing help with. Maybe it's a mental health issue, maybe you are trying to raise money but don't know where to start, maybe you simply want to meet people in your area. Use this feature to ask for anything, who knows who might be able to help you!

**Newsletters, Podcasts and Buy Me a Coffee" If you populate any of these profile settings, we will show a simple sidebar "card" highlighting the ones you add. So let's say you run a successful newsletter that you want other people to subscribe to. Simply add a title, description and URL to your newsletter and we'll display it up-front and a bit off-center on your profile.

My Products The last feature we'd like to highlight is your products list in the sidebar of your profile. As makers we often have more than one product, to highlight this we display every product you make in your sidebar for easy discovery (for you and for everyone else).

Check out your profile page and discover all the simple but important features, we'll have more down the road!

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