MVP Is Out!! 🎉

Published by: Daniel Reina, Founder of Visualbolt on Aug 17, 2022 is live!

It took a bit longer than expected, but there it is. Here's the tweet with the announcement

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Micah Iverson 2 yrs ago

Congratulations on your launch, officially going live is always an exciting milestone in a product! What's next for VisualBolt?

Daniel Reina 2 yrs ago

Thanks Micah! :) Next in the queue is marketing, which I've never done before, so there's going to be a bunch of learning and making mistakes involved. But very excited for this stage and looking forward to learning what works.

Micah Iverson 2 yrs ago

Marketing is tough nut to crack in my experience. You have to sell without selling. The local marketing I do for my painting company seems to work well, but the same approach for my online projects doesn't seem to work as well. Frustrating.