Just a few updates

Published by: Anthony Lee, Founder of Hey.Café on Mar 27, 2022

Alright we bring a new HUGE update! This has been a month of work that is mostly for developers that will be able to take advantage of really soon as we write all the docs.

  • 🌈 New colour scheme site wide and for emails, we are now purple, if using the PWA remove and add again for the new colour icon.

  • 🎨 You can now select the app colour in settings.

  • 🔑 Can see sessions in settings and revoke sessions you don't want active anymore.

  • 👩🏽‍💻 Can generate API keys in settings.

  • 💬 You can now show some stats like reaction counts by turning the option on in settings.

  • 🔍 Search is now global on the top of all pages, not locked in the explore area.

  • 🙍🏻‍♂️ Have removed the who to follow section for now.

  • 🐛 Massive number of render fixes around content to fix a few rare bugs.

  • 🙀 Sessions system has been rewritten to allow applications with an API key full access to the same calls the official app uses.

  • 👋 Added a new system for developers to request LOGIN WITH so that they can integrate with Hey.Café for account access. This is like Login with Twitter and so on but really simple to integrate for any site (docs will be posted really soon).

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