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Version 2.0

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

We have come so far since the first version and it looked nothing like it does now. Since we launched the site last year we slowly changed just about every aspect of the site and app, and now this week we launch a major batch of updates.

Here is a small summery of the updates and there are way more that are not noted here including a larger design rewrite and upgrade to just about how everything on the backend works. We have managed over the last few weeks to cut network time in half for most requests.

Some of the updates

  • Message system, you can now send messages to users and more important make large group chats with no user limit.

  • Setting to hide suggestions in the menus.

  • Dark and light mode toggle in settings along with more privacy toggles.

  • Brand new default avatars and banner images for accounts and cafés.

  • Swipe to go backwards gesture for mobile.

  • See suggested cafés on the right hand menu.

  • View follows in notifications breakdown along with comment and conversation edits.

  • Email updates support for the new headers and formatting options.

  • Left menu links highlighted if you are on that page.

  • Website meta data loading now will try again after a few seconds if it fails.

  • Tab over between conversation elements including actions Accessibility.

  • Conversation inputs allow you to change the café posted to any time Feature.

  • Smaller screen improvements for mobile. Smaller width for content inline in dark mode.

  • Follow buttons without needing to go to a profile to follow for explore & more.

  • Share button for external use to use the title system or first line as content.

  • New suggested accounts and cafés based on the people you currently follow.

  • Show recent pin on the top of a users profile feed.

  • Locked posts preventing new comments and reactions.

  • If you edit a conversation it wipes ALL reactions from it and lets the people who made reactions know it was edited.

Thank you to everyone who has helped test and work on this update you are all amazing.

Due to the huge relaunch we are also up on Product Hunt again. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/hey-cafe-2-0

New clean embeds

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

Clean embed feeds are now live! This is a new feed format by adding /clean to the end of the embed URL to generate feed thats good for embedding into your project. This is a nice update for developers who want to share recent updates without any branding in a simple and easy way.

View the new embed flag here: https://wave.hey.cafe/website-embeds


Another batch of updates, we are now even faster!

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

Oh boy this is a big update!

  • 🧹 Removed background tinting from profile for performance.

  • 📷 New style for upload box for images and attachments.

  • 🐛 Fixes to to the new live input with the image upload box.

  • 🐛 Fixed bug where going back to a page will result in profile image and header not rendering on the sidebar.

  • 🤖 Android devices no longer have access to mention suggestions and emoji lookup due to performance problems.

  • 📧 Updated the register page with more info about the email process.

  • 🙋🏽 Changed profile view and design.

  • 🏳️‍🌈 Added space for website and pronouns and option to set in settings.

  • 🐛 Fixed sending a blank bio, if you send it empty it will reset, same with pronouns and website inputs.

  • 🚦 Major rewrites on how the app loads, now using tokens to know if the app has been updated and refresh for users.

  • 📱 Better optimized on mobile making some titles smaller, and better spacing.

  • 💬 Mobile comments now have a minimum size of 300px and will make the comment area scroll sideways if threads get large.

  • 🔗 Links no longer show in the description of a link embed.

  • 🐞 If you post multiple links that are the same they wont generate to prevent bugs with generating due to link being in the html stricture of the embeds.

  • ⚠️ New mini alerts for notifications about actions, moving them away from the notifications system and making it cleaner.

  • 🔥 New notification style with support for emoji icons.

  • 🎉 New checks for version update with single tap to reload the app both in PWA and web. This uses the new separated system for the app package and HTML source.

  • 👋 New splash page that says a little more about Hey.Café.

Just a few updates

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

Alright we bring a new HUGE update! This has been a month of work that is mostly for developers that will be able to take advantage of really soon as we write all the docs.

  • 🌈 New colour scheme site wide and for emails, we are now purple, if using the PWA remove and add again for the new colour icon.

  • 🎨 You can now select the app colour in settings.

  • 🔑 Can see sessions in settings and revoke sessions you don't want active anymore.

  • 👩🏽‍💻 Can generate API keys in settings.

  • 💬 You can now show some stats like reaction counts by turning the option on in settings.

  • 🔍 Search is now global on the top of all pages, not locked in the explore area.

  • 🙍🏻‍♂️ Have removed the who to follow section for now.

  • 🐛 Massive number of render fixes around content to fix a few rare bugs.

  • 🙀 Sessions system has been rewritten to allow applications with an API key full access to the same calls the official app uses.

  • 👋 Added a new system for developers to request LOGIN WITH so that they can integrate with Hey.Café for account access. This is like Login with Twitter and so on but really simple to integrate for any site (docs will be posted really soon).

Few small updates since we last talked.

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

Hey everyone, here is a quick list of the most recent updates!

🐞 Fixed bug involving names not saving with & character in settings and register.

⭕️ Avatar ring showing if the user is Pro or Verified. This is a test and may not last.

🖇 Links made with no description but the site meta tags have an image will now render the image full size.

👩🏽‍🦱 Avatar on the left menu can now be clicked to go to your profile.

🧑🏽‍💻Code blocks can now be made using 2 or 3 ticks to be the same as Mark down.

🟢 Online status bubble now on the right menu list, icons are now also larger.

🔗 Referral links if clicked on the web will now take you to the profile if you are already signed in.

☕️ The Cafés sidebar item now loads recent 100 joined and has been fixed with the accent e.

🐛 Fixed bug with character counter inside the popup window if the inline one is also in view.

💯 The character count has been raised, for everyone from 255 to 360 and for Pro users from 2000 to 2500.

🪳 Fixed a bug related to a character encode with lists.

👍 Toggles in settings now use emoji images to make it easer to see.

😱 New reactions! 👋🥳🥰👏🤞✌️😱🐣 and 🌹🖖💡🕹🌈🏆 for pro.

✏️ Can now start a conversation in your personal page from the main feed, and can also create a Café conversation from the Cafés feed page.

☕️ Cafés now show a members icon in the header if you are an admin, and in the settings page display if you have members waiting to join a private Café.

📚 Allowed content policy with clear rules around banning and what is NOT allowed.

🔗 More API endpoints are now open, working on page for them but for now you can see them listed soon in the Wave API page. New API calls are for account_conversations, cafe_conversations, conversation_comments, and comment_info.

💯 Number in page title of current notifications for when it's not active tab.

🚪 New formatting item called a Reveal block. Allows for hiding content unless a user wants to view it. Good for spoilers and more.

2FA support

Published by: justanthonylee, Founder of Hey.Café

We have had a lot of great updates since I have posted here but today alone we have pushed out some updates.

🙈 Hidden online status option in settings.

🔒 2FA added with both App and email based 2FA support.

🔨 Fix meta tags for places like discord.

🏞 Large images now render in the meta tags for embeds on sites like Twitter, discord and more. This does require the image to be the first thing uploaded to the conversation.