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Published by: Anthony Lee, Founder of Hey.Café on Nov 24, 2022

We have come so far since the first version and it looked nothing like it does now. Since we launched the site last year we slowly changed just about every aspect of the site and app, and now this week we launch a major batch of updates.

Here is a small summery of the updates and there are way more that are not noted here including a larger design rewrite and upgrade to just about how everything on the backend works. We have managed over the last few weeks to cut network time in half for most requests.

Some of the updates

  • Message system, you can now send messages to users and more important make large group chats with no user limit.

  • Setting to hide suggestions in the menus.

  • Dark and light mode toggle in settings along with more privacy toggles.

  • Brand new default avatars and banner images for accounts and cafés.

  • Swipe to go backwards gesture for mobile.

  • See suggested cafés on the right hand menu.

  • View follows in notifications breakdown along with comment and conversation edits.

  • Email updates support for the new headers and formatting options.

  • Left menu links highlighted if you are on that page.

  • Website meta data loading now will try again after a few seconds if it fails.

  • Tab over between conversation elements including actions Accessibility.

  • Conversation inputs allow you to change the café posted to any time Feature.

  • Smaller screen improvements for mobile. Smaller width for content inline in dark mode.

  • Follow buttons without needing to go to a profile to follow for explore & more.

  • Share button for external use to use the title system or first line as content.

  • New suggested accounts and cafés based on the people you currently follow.

  • Show recent pin on the top of a users profile feed.

  • Locked posts preventing new comments and reactions.

  • If you edit a conversation it wipes ALL reactions from it and lets the people who made reactions know it was edited.

Thank you to everyone who has helped test and work on this update you are all amazing.

Due to the huge relaunch we are also up on Product Hunt again.

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