Developers, easily collect feedback from your clients & customers without the need for them to create yet another account.

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Collect Client Feedback

Use our easy-to-use form to collect feedback from your customers.


Use BugFeedr tool to supplement your existing tools by making it easier for your customers to submit feedback to you in a structured way. Easily send submissions to your preferred bug tracking system.

Fast and Easy to Implement

Setup a form and start collecting feedback in minutes, takes no technical experience to get started.

1. Create a Client Enter a few quick details about your client to get started. Company Name, Client Name, and Email. A "Client" could just be yourself if you have a startup project/s you want feedback on.

2. Create a Project Once you have a client, it's time to add a project for them - this might be a simple website, app, SAAS project or anything else you want to collect feedback on.

3. Send or Embed Form Each project has it's own project link / form to send to the client or to embed in your website or app.

For all our projects, we typically just put a link in the footer of the site for people to access, but you could easily embed the form anywhere on your site you wish.

4. Collect & Manage Tickets After client submits a ticket, you can review the ticket and reach out to the customer or send off to your appropriate team.

5. Pass to 3rd Party Tools (optional) If you want, it is easy to connect BugFeed to other bug tracking tools that you use internally.