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One-click publish

Published by: gabriel_kvl, Founder of

We added a feature for creating a simple website, such as a blog, directly from Organizedly. Setting it up takes only a minute.

We focused on a good user experience and beautiful design. In terms of functionality, we kept to the bare essentials:

👉 One-click publish 👉 Minimal configuration needed 👉 Auto-tagging and sorting articles by tags 👉 Dark mode 👉 Article length in minutes


Our goal is to find first customers to start using this feature as soon as possible.

Revamped feature: New graphs

Published by: gabriel_kvl, Founder of

Let's face it, our graphs were nice to have, but not that useful. We wanted to change this.

The revamped graph works more like our brains work. When you think of a topic, you can naturally browse through its connected topics without friction.

The main feature of the new graphs is that you can navigate through your second brain in the right sidebar.

👉 View immediate connections of the current note

👉 Browse through multiple levels of connected notes

👉 Search in notes within the current graph

👉 Lock the graph while navigating in Organizedly

Introducing: whiteboards

Published by: gabriel_kvl, Founder of

In our efforts to visualize note-taking and give our users more flexibility we have released whiteboards. Whiteboards allow users to create their own views by adding new or existing notes and tasks and connecting information.


  • Add any existing note to a whiteboard
  • Create new notes
  • Connect notes by dragging on the edge
  • View and edit notes directly in the whiteboard
  • Create custom todo-lists (e.g. filter by tag or date)

Launched a public roadmap

Published by: gabriel_kvl, Founder of

We have received a bunch of questions about our plans for new features. To give our users clarity and the chance to vote for features, we decided to launch a public roadmap with feature voting.

We tried a couple of different tools and Upvoty matched our needs best. Also, the UI is just great.

Check it out: 👉

Introducing: The Productivity Academy

Published by: gabriel_kvl, Founder of

We released an academy to help our users better adopt the product and improve their note-taking and task management.

Our goal is that the product will guide the user into productive and organized behaviour, but it became clear that many users need detailed guidance on how to use it.

The academy consists of two short courses: note-taking and task management.

Feature launch: The Planner

Published by: gabriel_kvl, Founder of

Introducing The Planner as a part of a large revamp of our task management module.

Benefits: 👉 Keep track of your tasks with low effort 👉 Spend less time in organizing 👉 Have an overview on how you are performing

Features: ✅ Automatically created kanban lane for each day ✅ First lane displays backlog and overdue items ✅ If a task is not completed on the planned day, it will automatically be moved to the overdue lane

The planner is also available for quick view in the right sidebar.